Cairns Pressure Cleaning Services


Residential Pressure Cleaning Services

If pressure cleaning on your weekends / days off or spare time sounds horrible, then give the guys at Cairns Enviro Blast Pressure Cleaning a call. Our professional staff can do with ease what may take you hours, days or weeks to do with smaller pressure cleaning units. Cairns Enviro Blast is committed to providing expert advice and service to all residential property owners. We are your one stop pressure cleaning company for all your homes internal and external pressure cleaning requirements.

Commercial Pressure Cleanng Services Cairns

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

Cairns Enviro Blast Pressure Cleaning are well equipped to tackle most Commercial and Industrial Pressure Cleaning Operations. Our custom pressure cleaning trailer houses an industrial vacuum which allows recapture of used water, as well as the ability to recycle and reuse this water. With an on board hot water boiler and water tank, we have a multitude of different setups, allowing us to achieve your commercial or industrial pressure cleaning needs.

Specialist Pressure Cleaning Services

Specialist Pressure Cleaning Services

We are dedicated to providing solutions that protect the environment, reduce water consumption and provide services to the community in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Council Pressure Cleaning
  • Cold Room Pressure Cleaning
  • Shade Sail Pressure Cleaning
  • Major Infrastructure Pressure Cleaning
  • Oil Spill Clean-Up
  • Workshop pressure cleaning
  • Industrial Pressure Cleaning