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About Cairns Enviro Blast Pressure Cleaning

Cairns Pressure Cleaning

Cairns Enviro Blast is a local environmentally sustainable pressure cleaning business in the Far North providing businesses and organisations with an eco-friendly cleaning service. The difference between our system and the average pressure cleaning company or unit is our system recovers, recycles and reuses the water used, saving up to 80% of water compared to other systems. The system runs an industrial vacuum system that captures the water as well as any mould, mildew, oil or chemicals on the surface eliminating the run off of pollutants into storm water drains and the surrounding water ways. The unit runs up to a maximum of 5000psi of pressure and is capable of both cold and hot water (up to 110degrees) cleaning. Once the water and anything on the surface is recaptured, the water and sediment is pumped through 7 different filtration processes in a closed loop allowing the water recaptured to be re-used again.
The closed loop system also enables us to clean without the requirement to be connected to the water main. Our 2000l ready use tank will last for 10hrs of continuous cleaning when used to recover and recycle.

We clean all hard surfaces including shade sails, internal floors, roofs, cold and freezer rooms, anything you can think of we’ll clean. The trailer mounted system also has a 2,500l holding capacity which, along with the ability to use boiling water, is ideal to clean oil spills and heavily stained surfaces.